Frequently Asked Questions

My phone not turned on/ stuck on bootlogo/bootanimation after upgrade of ROM

You need to download latest STOCK ROM for your phone in this thread: . After download, look at this sample videoinstructio for flash your phone: or use this text instruction: . Remember, for flashing of ROM on your phone you need use only this firmware that maked for your phone and placed in thread of your phone

I download OTA file of update, and it not flashed automatically

Sometime, firmware on your phone can't be updated by OTA, because in your build.prop other information about the build of ROM and this information different in OTA ZIP. For the solution, flash your phone manually and next updates by OTA can be installed easily. For manually flashing read this Q: My phone not turned on/ stuck on boot logo/boot animation after upgrade of ROM

Battery drain very fast

If you have this problem, check next thread:

The quality of my photos and the focus are very poor

Try to dissable HDR. If not help, try to use other camera app

Root losted after update

It is not a problem, install ROOT again and all will be fine

Touchscreen turns crazy when charging

Do not use the Elephone charger provided with the phone. Use another one, it will solve the problem

4G is not working, but 3G does work

In some areas (Spain, Mexico and France at least), there are providers, that only enable 4G if the phone is known to them.  Elephone is not known and you (as person) will have to ask the provider to accept the 4G connection from your phone.  This has been Free of charge for the people who had this problem and can now use 4G. or second option is an IMEI problem. Check this thread about this problem

No more signal after flashing, updating or factory reset

It's certainly because you lost your IMEI. You should check on the [How-To] on this thread how to do a backup of your IMEI. It's allowing you to easily restore your IMEI if necessary. About your current problem, if you have a backup of your phone before doing what have deleted the IMEI, restore this backup and then backup your IMEI, and update/flash/factory reset again and this time, you will be able to easily restore the IMEI. If you don't have backup, just check on this thread there is the solution

Autorotate issues

Just check this thread to find the easy solution to correct the autorotate problems

Fixe Invalid IMEI Permanently
I can't delete unused app on my phone

You need to root your phone (this information can be founded in thread of your phone) and use next app from Google Play: Uninstall master

I see a spam messages on my screen

Use other launcher, on some versions of ELE lancher spam messages can be

My phone not charged any more

Try to place your phone on charging on 30 min, if it not help, you need to contact with Elephone service

How i can make screenshot of my screen

Hold vol+ and power button for taking screenshot.

Increase mic, speaker and earphone maximum volume
Don't put the level too high, it can damage the speakers.

Enable Write access to SD Card by 3rd Party Apps on KITKAT Phones
How to Root My phone

Use HideRoot function of SuperSU or other tool.
How to download and use SuperSU ? Check there

Download the last update available rom

You can download most of the available roms in internet on

Know if you have a Sony or OmniVision camera

Some devices have Omnivision or Sony camera. With the following description, you can check what camera you have. No need to open the phone.
Check this thread :

Know what frequencies are used

You can check the frequencies from your provider via this link
Compare it to the frequencies of your phone on the official Elephones website presentation for your model.

Backup IMEI and restore it later

Restorn (user) has made a nice tool for this. Just follow the instructions.

How to change my IMEI ?
How to unbrick my phone ?

If you bricked your phone, you might try these options. They seem to help in some/most cases.
During flashing of Rom's or Recovery's there is always the possibility that something goes wrong.
If it goes wrong, it is possible that the phone is not usable any more. You can 'only use it as a brick'.
Some people claim that the Mediatek Socs are not brickable, so if you think you have your phone bricked, take a look at these threads.
XDA Forum:

Update without a full ROM flash

If you use the SP Flashtool version 5.1 or later, you can use the option MOTA SIU LIKE instead of Download. This will update your rom instead of replace the ROM.
Forum description:
SP Flash tool download:

Change a broken screen

If your screen is broken like him you can buy a replacement piece in websites like Aliexpress. But displays are expensive (average price 60euros) and you have to add to this cost the price of the work to install it on the phone. Thinking on buying a new phone can be a good option.

Fixe external SD Card write issue
Lower the brightness level under the minimum level allowed by the phone
How i can solve GPS issues

Check this app, it should greatly help you

Delet the boot up sound (silenced boot up)
Improve the quality of the colors on the screen
Flash a ROM via TWRP Recovery

Official tuto from Elephone

Delete the boot sound
Restore of IMEI's

Use MTK Droid Root & Tools to restore lost imei, do a full backup, delete unnecessary Chinese applications and make a ClockWorkModRecovery :
Follow this nice tuto for more informations

How i can install unsigned drivers on Windows?
How i can power off my phone if his battery not removable?

Press and hold POWER button 20 second's

Sound lvl of my speaker phone is very low. How i can solve it?

Try to press VOLUP (+) button, when you speaking with someone